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Witness Locator Investigations South Florida

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Witness Locator Investigations

Witness location comprises a large portion of detective work done in South Florida. Locating a witness relates to missing persons investigations, even though this task is a little different in terms of demands and requires a legal professional to step in and help with the investigation. Missing persons investigations often times involve people who don’t know they are considered lost and would not mind being found, whereas a witness locator investigation often means searching for people who do not wish to be found. In these cases, a professional investigator must rely on their experience and network of contacts, as well as their ability to be inconspicuous.

An investigator is also not bound to a single location. In case the witness has left the state of Florida, it is the investigator’s job to make sure he/she is found even in that case. Once the person has been located, the investigator provides reports describing in more detail the witness’ location to aid the case. The investigator should only work with facts.

Very often, the witness is vital to a court case and therefore the investigation must be performed as quickly as possible. That is why you need a fast, reliable, and responsive witness locator investigator who is not hampered by paperwork and who goes straight to the field and locates the person that needs to be found. Discretion, efficiency and speed are crucial.

An investigator is also well trained in interviewing witnesses and taking their statements and assessing the witness’ credibility and reliability of his/her statements. The investigator has been trained to interview even those with whom doing an interview might be difficult; seniors, children and the disabled. With loads of experience in the field of witness locator investigations, an investigator can gather reliable statements of the witness which will help you with the case.

It is also his/her job to collect evidence to make the case stronger. This can mean surveillance, taking witness statements as evidence, taking photos or videos, etc. A professional investigator understands how important the collection of reliable evidence is for your case. Therefore he/she is not hesitant to use the latest photographic and video technologies and put all of his/her surveillance skills into action to help you win the case.

A private investigator active in the state of Florida must be at least 18 years of age, be a U.S. citizen, have a clear criminal history, have no history of mental illness, have a good history proving good moral character, have no history of use of illegal substances or drugs, he/she may have no history of alcoholism and he/she must have at least two years of experience in the field which can be gained by first obtaining a Class CC Private Investigator Intern License.

Finding the witness without any experience, whatsoever, is almost impossible if you are in it alone. Therefore, it is advisable to contact a legal professional who will help you with everything you need and answer all of your questions.