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Renters/Employee Screening South Florida

Before you employ someone it is a good idea to have the person screened before he/she starts working for you. Checking the person’s history on your own can be painful and time-consuming. A private investigator can help you with the pre-employment screening to make sure that the future employee is a right fit for your company. Having the wrong person in your company may not only result in mediocre job outcome, it can also harm the reputation of your company in the long run.

It is unfortunate but it is true: Not only in South Florida but all around the United States, a lot of jobseekers will lie in order to get the job they want. This is due to the state the economy is currently in. People need money and are willing to be dishonest. For pre-employment screening to be done, consent from the jobseeker is usually required. A professional investigator will make sure that the requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act are followed.

However, when doing pre-employment screening you should make sure you do not invade the privacy rights of the candidate for the job. A skilled investigator is able to identify the difference between what is allowed and what goes beyond acceptable. Job candidates are not legally obliged to reveal sealed conviction and arrest records except for certain special occasions. Employers must take the necessary precautions to notify the employees in case their personal information has been shared with an unauthorized person. On top of that, in South Florida it is prohibited to use HIV test results for the making of employment decisions unless it is a legitimate occupational qualification that the employee is HIV-negative.

Screening of Renters

Not only employers but also landlords are subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act during the process of tenant screening. But why even opt for tenant screening? The reason is that you likely want to protect your assets and select the right people as the inhabitants. A private investigator will conduct background checks on the tenants to make sure the tenants do not lie on the lease or rental application. Sadly, crime is everywhere in Florida and people are not always what they appear to be on paper or how they portray themselves when you talk to them in person. Often times previous sex offenders, violent offenders, people with warrants or convicted felons might be identified during the process of screening future renters.

The purpose of this type of screening is to find out whether the person is going to pay on time, whether they are likely to steal property from you or damage your assets or whether they are going to perform illegal activities on the premises. A lot of information can be gathered by simply talking to the person in advance but in case you are not sure, an experienced private investigator can come in handy.