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DUI Defense Investigations South Florida

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DUI Defense Investigations South Florida

DUI Defense Investigations

DUI defense investigations are among the most unpleasant ones to go through for the person who is being investigated. There is a lot of uncertainty and stress the person has to bear and without the help of a professional DUI defense investigator in South Florida, it can be difficult if not impossible to prove he/she is not guilty. Also, DUI defense investigations can affect the person’s life in many negative ways. It can damage his/her relationships with family members and friends, get the person fired, and generally result in a lot of embarrassment, stress and worries.


The penalties you might suffer if you are found guilty of driving under the influence vary but the most frequent type of penalty is a fine. Every single state within the United States issue fines in case there is DUI offense, however, the actual amount you end up paying varies state by states. It is not uncommon for the amount to reach a few thousand dollars. In addition, you might be sent to jail depending upon the nature of the case (how much you were drunk, etc.). Thirdly, a DUI offense can result in the loss of driving privileges for a certain period of time. In order to regain driving privileges, it is quite common that you will need to install a device called IID which will prevent your car from starting in case there is alcohol in your system. This is a preemptive measure which reduces the possibility that you will ever commit a DUI offense again in the future. Last but not least, you might need to go through a special educational course which will make you fully realize what you can cause by driving drunk by understanding how alcohol works, how it affects attention span, concentration, etc.

Impact of DUI Conviction

Besides the penalty set by the law, there are other negative results of the drunken driving that you will likely have to put up with.  These include social exclusion, buzz in your neighborhood, negative publicity due to the work of the media, being frowned upon by the members of your family, etc. You might also be fired from work, especially if you are a commercial driver (a cab driver, for example) or your position in the firm is very important and it is expected of you to show a high character.

Upsides of a DUI Defense Investigation

Not all DUI investigations are equal in the way the court deals with the data presented and the way the case is handled. It is quite common that mistakes are made during the investigation. For example, the breath machine might not be working properly, the report of the policemen does not tell the whole truth, the data are misinterpreted by the jury, etc.

For example, most of the breath machines ignore the simple fact that we as humans are not all the same and we have physiological and other differences. The breath machines are often created for the average person. If you are different from the average (which you most likely are), the breath machine is not going to show exactly how much alcohol you have in the system at the time of being tested.

It is the role of a private DUI defense investigator to examine all of the data which are being presented as facts by the law enforcement and make sure the truth is revealed so that you don’t suffer penalties for something you are not guilty of.