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Criminal Defense Investigations South Florida

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Criminal Defense Investigations South Florida

Importance of Criminal Defense Investigation

Criminal cases are the most important cases there are. Imprisonment is much more severe penalty than a fine. The defendant should always seek help of an experienced and skilled investigator to become a member of the defense team. A professional criminal defense investigator in South Florida will help you collect all of the evidence necessary for a just ruling, secure potential witnesses before it is too late and prepare a defense that will stand a chance in the court of law.

The importance of a professional defense investigator cannot be overstated. He/she has the knowledge which allows him/her to investigate the case properly and uncover any possible deviations, left out evidence or oversights that might benefit the client. A criminal case investigator from South Florida has the experience and thorough knowledge of the criminal statutes of Florida to be able to defend the client. It is unfortunate but in reality, the police often cast information in the light which is most harmful to the defendant, despite the fact there might be other pieces of evidence that prove them wrong. A criminal defense investigator will make sure to review the work the police has done and subject witnesses to a re-interview in order to find possible changes in their stories. The witnesses are often under a lot of stress during their first interview and it is not uncommon that they change their story afterwards. The role of the investigator is to collect evidence that can establish reasonable doubt, which will convince the jury there is a reason to believe the defendant did not commit the crime.

It is the defense investigator’s job to interrogate all witnesses, retrieve accurate statements from them and take note of any changes in the stories of the witnesses. To carry out the job properly, the investigator must have special skills such as the ability to understand the psychology of the witness. He/she must also possess certain interviewing techniques such as kinesic, cognitive and other interviewing methods.

Furthermore, the investigator must examine all of the collected evidence, which might include audio and video files, photographs, etc. The investigator is a highly responsible and reliable person who has the knowledge and understandings to review the evidence and reports collected from the prosecution to determine whether the claims of the prosecution have a basis in reality and if they are truthful and accurate. Just like in the case of interviews of witnesses, it is not uncommon for a skilled investigator to find inconsistencies in the reports which will be favorable to the defense.

The first phase of the criminal case is called Pre-file stage. During this stage the criminal defense investigator can take the steps necessary to defend the criminal complaint before the case even goes to court and before charges are filed. At that time, the investigator has a chance to divert allegations, reduce the charges, ease the concerns of the client or prevent filing altogether.

When charged with a crime in South Florida, it is essential that you hire a professional who possesses thorough knowledge of the local laws of Florida in order to help you win the case.