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Credit Checks South Florida

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Credit Checks South Florida

Hiring a job applicant who has a criminal record or falsified credentials may result in devastating economic and legal consequences. As a result, many employers are now utilizing pre-employment background screening when making hiring decisions. As private investigators, one of the questions we hear most often from prospective clients is, “Can you obtain a credit report?” The answer is yes, we can!

South Florida employers trust In Plain View Investigative Agency to conduct credit checks on their behalf. When you need a credit check on a prospective employee, call us at 772-770-1729.

Before we can conduct a credit check on your behalf, we need the following:

Signed Release: You must have a signed authorization or waiver from the subject of the inquiry before we can obtain their credit report. Employees can provide employers with an ongoing consent permitting future credit checks by private investigators. Due to today’s enhanced federal privacy laws, there are no legal means to obtain a subject’s credit report without a signed authorization.

Permissible Business Purpose: Access to a subject’s credit report is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Federal law mandates that a credit report may only be obtained for a “permissible purpose” such as employment. Therefore, you must certify that you are requesting the report for employment purposes.

According to the Society of Human Resources Management, 60% of employers check the credit of at least some job applicants. This leads to several important benefits:

  • ●  Better workers, higher productivity, and lower employee turnover
  • ●  Announcing background checks discourages high risk candidates from applying
  • ●  Save time and money during the recruitment processPre-employment background screening protects employers from wrongful termination lawsuits, negligent hiring exposure, workplace disruption, and time wasted by recruiting and training the wrong candidates. However, other than checking references, employers typically can’t conduct background checks in-house due to the specialized knowledge these checks require. Firms also risk exposing themselves to liability if the procedures they use to conduct credit checks infringe on legally protected areas of privacy. Consequently, companies need the professional services of a licensed private investigator.

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Call In Plain View Investigative Agency at 772-770-1729 to discuss your credit check needs. As with all of our services, the call is strictly confidential.