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Child Custody & Investigations South Florida

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Child Custody and Support Investigations South Florida

In South Florida divorces are not uncommon. In these cases the parents should make sure that the child is safe. It is the purpose of child custody investigation to keep the child or children of the divorced or separated parents safe. Not only do parents have the option to order a child custody investigator, the courts are allowed to do so, as well. The role of the investigator is to determine what the child is going through during the process of getting divorced. The investigator sometimes reveals child abuse, parental alcoholism, neglect or drug abuse. In these cases, the help of a child custody investigator is priceless and can save the life of the child.

The investigator can and often does take advantage of surveillance in order to find out what is going on. The investigators are also legally allowed to create photographs or videos of any neglect or abuse they can see during the surveillance. They can also gather other pieces of evidence which can prove whether or not the child is being treated fairly. On top of that, the investigators can also ask questions directly to the parents or politely ask them to fill out a questionnaire pertaining to their parenting of the child. Furthermore, investigators are allowed to speak to witnesses or they can solicit witnesses for the court.

The investigators can try to find out more about whether or not a parent is guilty of a criminal activity, alcoholism, reckless driving, or any other illegal activity that may affect the child in a negative way. With this gathered information in mind, the courts can decide what should be done in order to ensure safety of the child. The findings of the investigators are always more credible and have more weight in court of law than a parent’s accusation, therefore, if you are suspicious, a qualified lawyer skilled in the field of child custody and support investigations is essential.

But if you are not sure whether or not you need a child custody investigator who can safeguard your child, please be advised that it is a good idea to turn to an investigator even if you only have a suspicion about the child’s safety. It is unfortunate but it is the truth; children are often abused by their own parents. However, suspicions never suffice and can never serve as evidence. You along with the help of the investigator should be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that your spouse or ex-spouse can pose a danger to the child. A private investigator can be really helpful in these cases as he/she will have loads of experience gathering evidence in this field.

Even if the child is not being subjected to neglect or abuse, if you hire a child custody investigator he/she will help you to regain the peace of mind you deserve by proving you wrong and showing you that nothing wrong is going on with the child and that your spouse or ex-spouse is not an abuser.