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Child Custody Investigations

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Child Custody Investigations South Florida

Why do we have child custody investigators? There is nothing which does not have a purpose in law and child custody investigations are no exception. Child custody investigators make sure a child stays safe when his/her parents are getting divorced. During this time period, the parents tend to be in a bad emotional shape and thus are more likely to mistreat their child or children. Some parents become aggressive during the divorce and their child suffers as a result. That is why the other parent should and often does seek professional help of a child custody investigator in South Florida. Such a private investigator will know the relevant laws and legislation.

How Does It Work?

Child custody investigations play a key role in society. Protection of the rights of children, their privacy and safety is one of the most important things society needs to take care of. The investigator is allowed to use various methods of surveillance. He/she can take videos or photographs of the contact of the child with his/her her parent and use it as evidence in court of law. Child custody investigators in South Florida often collect other pieces of evidence to make sure the child’s rights are protected and his/her life is not endangered.

On top of that, the investigators are allowed to question the parents and ask them to fill out a questionnaire about how they parent their children. Also, the investigators can speak to any witnesses who have seen or heard the inappropriate behavior of the parent(s). The witnesses can be also summoned to court based on a request made by the investigator.

Sometimes the parent do not mistreat the child him/herself but takes part in another activity which might be potentially harmful to the child in an indirect way. These activities include criminal conduct, drunken driving, neglect of his/her duties, alcoholism, or anything else they may negatively impact the child. Based on the information collected, the court can then determine what course of action should be taken going forward so that the safety of the child is guaranteed. The findings of a private investigator of child custody affairs is always more credible than mere suspicions of one of the parents or unconfirmed testimony of a witness.

When Should I Seek Professional Help?

A suspicion might not be enough to prove a parent guilty of a wrongful behavior but it suffices to seek the help of a child custody investigator in South Florida. If you do have such a suspicion, report it to a child custody investigator so that he/she can collect sufficient evidence that will either prove the other parent guilty or will dismiss the suspicions. In the latter, you can rest assured that your child’s safety is not at stake.

On the other hand, if the other parent has made false accusations about you to limit your contact with the child, you can defend yourself by hiring a private investigator who will disprove the accusations so that the time you may spend with your loved one is not unjustly restricted.